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Eye Tests In Maleny, Queensland

Regular eye tests are important for maintaining good eye health and identifying potential vision problems. At Maleny Optical, our skilled optometrists use cutting-edge equipment and methods to conduct thorough eye tests for people of all ages. We also offer specialised tests for contact lens fittings. Trust us to ensure your eyes are healthy and functioning at their best.

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The best place to get an eye test to update your prescription is at Maleny Optical. We use advanced technology to determine any changes in your vision and update your prescription accordingly.

During the assessment, we also look for any symptoms of eye diseases or conditions to catch them early and provide timely treatment.

Trust us to help you see the world clearly and comfortably by booking an appointment to update your prescription today!

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Eye Test Services for All Ages

Eye tests are important even if you don't have symptoms, as many eye conditions and diseases do not cause noticeable symptoms in the early stages. Early detection can help with timely treatment and prevent further progression.

For individuals over the age of 40, regular eye tests are essential. Age-related eye changes can increase the risk of developing certain conditions, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. For individuals over 60, eye tests are even more critical, as the risk of these conditions and problems increases with age.

Our experienced optometrists use advanced technology to perform thorough eye assessments, including checking visual acuity, eye pressure, and screening for various eye diseases.

Take a proactive step towards better eye health with Maleny Optical.

Children’s Eye Tests

Regular eye tests are critical for children's overall health and well-being. Studies show that up to 25% of school-aged children experience vision problems, affecting their academic performance and daily activities.

31% of Australian parents think their children only need an eye test if they complain or have problems. Detecting eye problems early is crucial as children’s eyes are constantly developing, and early treatment can be more effective. Optometry Australia recommends that children undergo an eye test before commencing school. After that, they should have yearly tests to ensure their vision is developing correctly.

Children with a family history of eye problems or existing eye conditions should have more frequent eye tests to monitor their treatment and eye health.

It includes children who:

  • Were prematurely born.
  • Have strabismus (crossed or turned eyes).
  • Have delays in their development.
  • Have a family history of eye disease.
  • Experienced eye injury.
  • Are diagnosed with an illness or disease.

Ensure your child's healthy visual development by booking a comprehensive eye test with Maleny Optical.

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Our child-friendly approach and advanced technology allows us to make the examination process as comfortable and fun as possible for your little ones.

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Contact Lens Eye Test

A contact lens eye test is important to ensure that the lenses are suitable for your eyes and to determine the correct prescription for optimal vision.

At Maleny Optical, we use advanced technology to determine the correct lenses for your unique eye shape and size. During your contact lens eye test, we will also check the health of your eyes to ensure that contact lenses are a suitable option for you.

Our team will also provide you with personalised advice on contact lens care and maintenance to ensure you are comfortable and safe when wearing them. We offer a wide range of contact lenses, including daily disposables, extended wear, multifocal, and toric lenses, to suit your individual needs.

Book an appointment with us in Maleny, Queensland, to take the first step towards comfortable, clear vision with contact lenses.